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What Challenges Will I Face Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

If you have been training 5 days a week for months and possibly preparing for years for this trip. You should be ready for the adventure of a lifetime on Kilimanjaro. If not you need to start getting the specific training needed to be successful in climbing Kilimanjaro.

There are lots of potential challenges

I get asked weekly, what challenges will I face climbing Kilimanjaro. This will depend on your experience. The main challenge will be the altitude and lack of oxygen in your body and how you personally adapt to this change. This is why you need more time and days on the mountain. After climbing Kilimanjaro 30+ times I highly recommend 8 days on the Lemosho Route.

Here are some of the challenges you may face in Kilimanjaro.

1). You will possibly experience rain, wind, and hot, and cold temperatures all in one week.

2). High UV levels from the sun, so stay covered up

3). Extreme altitude above 5,500m/ 18,044 feet

4). The biggest summit day of your life is up 1,245m/ 4,084ft. and down 2,795m/ 9,169ft.

5). If you pick a trip less than 8 days you could encounter serious altitude problems

6). Physical fatigue, from multi-day hiking (Come prepared!!)

7). Lack of sleep

8). Excellent but different food

9). Sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent, is worth preparing for this

10). Dehydration, you need to be drinking 4/5 liters of water per day

11). Scrambling on the Baranco wall can be a challenge for a lot of people.

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