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Would i be able to climb Kilimanjaro during the Covid pandemic?

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

There are no bans or limitations set up for movement into Tanzania. Business trips to and from the East African country are in activity.

With global travel back moving, many visit administrators (counting us Kilimanjaro Destinations) are indeed in the swing of things and running Kilimanjaro climbs. Our mountain team is fit and chomping at the bit to go, and have effectively driven many gatherings of climbers to the top of Africa since August 2020.

We routinely update the data in this blog entry to mirror the most recent Covid related news and advancements relating to go to Tanzania.

The Covid in Tanzania

Tanzania, in the same way as other nations, shut its lines to sightseers in mid 2020 in a bid to moderate the spread of Coronavirus. For some time, there were no climbers on Mt Kilimanjaro. This hit mountain groups hard, as they had no work during this time.

Halfway through 2020 Tanzania's the late President John Magufuli lifted the movement boycott, and the nation has stayed opened to foreign guests since.

A peaceful Kilimanjaro climb

Climbers have been streaming once more into northern Tanzania to endeavor to highest point Mt Kilimanjaro since the time Tanzania returned her boundaries.

All things considered, the slants of Kilimanjaro are still generally tranquil. For those excited for an uncrowded Kilimanjaro climb, the conditions right presently are exceptionally positive. Indeed, even the normally bustling courses up the mountain, similar to the Lemosho and Machame, are moderately vacant.

Tanzania and Coronavirus test necessities

Tanzania expects you to take a Covid test before flying into the country. All things considered, if it's not too much trouble, make certain to check for any prerequisites set up from your nation of origin, any travel country, just as the carrier (or aircrafts) you're flying with.

Covid testing close to Kilimanjaro

In the event that you require a Coronavirus test while in Tanzania, no issue. You can have a test accomplished for about $100 at KCMC Hospital or Mawenzi Regional Hospital in Moshi (the two towns nearest to Kilimanjaro and Northern Safaris). The current turnaround time for tests results is 72 hours.

We can coordinate testing for you!

We’re happy to arrange this test for you. We’ll also drive you there, of course, and organize to receive your results.

If it's not too much trouble, note, notwithstanding, that the onus is on you to demand a Covid test in the event that one is required. This implies checking with your carrier and home nation to check whether a test outcome is needed preceding travel (just as the time periods included).

  • Both Arusha and Moshi have medical clinics where you can get a Covid test on the off chance that you choose you need one

  • Security safety measures when venturing out to Tanzania during the pandemic

  • The Public authority of Tanzania has set up certain wellbeing measures to help forestall the spread of Covid through the travel industry area:

  • All explorers are encouraged to wear a face veil that covers their mouth and nose (however this isn't compulsory).

  • Everybody is encouraged to clean their hands consistently – and appropriately!

  • You are given a Wellbeing Observation Structure to fill in on the plane.

  • Upon appearance in Tanzania, all explorers will have their temperature taken in the air terminal – those with indications of the infection will be taken to an administration authorized lodging for a 14-day isolate (at your own cost).

  • Kilimanjaro climbers can likewise expect temperature checks at their neighborhood lodging and at the entryways to Kilimanjaro Public Park.

  • In the event that you'd prefer to know more, if it's not too much trouble, read the Public authority of Tanzania's Standard Working Systems for the administration of Coronavirus.

Face covers and hand sanitizer

If it's not too much trouble, bring your own defensive face covers for your time in Tanzania. You will not wear them on the mountain, as there's limited oxygen. However, it's a smart thought to wear a face cover during your movements when the ascension. Face veils aren't necessary in Tanzania, however we do exhort wearing them, with regards to the suggestion set out by the World Wellbeing Association.

While hand sanitizer is given all things considered foundations and we give it to you during our trips, we actually suggest having your very own hand sanitizer that you convey with you consistently.

Kilimanjaro destinations Travel is protecting staff and climbers from the infection.

Security has consistently been a main concern with us. As needs be, the entirety of our Tanzania lead staff have gone through specific Coronavirus avoidance preparing. Furthermore, we keep the entirety of the new standard working systems set out by the Tanzanian experts as far as Coronavirus anticipation. These actions include:

  • Temperature checks

  • Veil wearing (not on the mountain, as breathing is now excessively troublesome at high elevation)

  • Social removing (particularly on the mountain, when face veils can't be worn)

  • Standard hand disinfection

Kilimajaro destinations climbers can be certain that we avoid potential risk to secure the strength of our staff and customers. Our cooks wear defensive face covers while setting up your food. Also, we execute social separating at every possible opportunity – something simple to do when really journeying!

Kilimanjaro Destinations amended booking policy

This year has been a genuine whopper! So much has been (and stays) open to question, making venture out to some degree hard to design. We need to empower you to book your experience with certainty. In view of that, these are our confirmations as far as all current and new travel appointments …

1. Flexibility

For all bookings, we’ve reduced the number of days before your departure that you must give notice in order to make changes. Our notice period was initially six weeks, but now it’s just four weeks. This means you can change your trip, for any reason, up to three weeks before your scheduled departure date. No hassle, no questions asked, and no charge. If you choose to amend your booking, you can select any new departure date. We’re very flexible, and will work on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best solution is found for you!

2. Support from your trip manager

Your dedicated trip manager is always on hand to help with any questions you have prior to your trip. We want you to feel confident and safe before leaving for your trip. Your trip manager is always up to date on local travel regulations and restrictions, and so is equipped to guide you through your travel process as smoothly as possible.

3. Financial protection

Rest assured that your money is protected when you make a deposit with us. We don’t sub-contract, which means that the money you spend with us, stays with us.

4. Small groups

Our travel groups are always small. This offers security, access, camaraderie, and a better connection with your destination. For social distancing efforts its a real plus. If you want it to be just you and your mates, chat to us for more information about making your trip private!

5. Want your own room? We got you!

If you’re joining one of our small group trips on your own, good on you! Solo travelling is all the rage right now. It’s up to you if you want to have your own room or share with someone else. If you do opt to share a room, your roommate won’t change for the entire journey to support social distancing efforts.

As always, please feel free to contact us at any time! We’d love to connect with you and talk adventure travel.

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